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Buy Real Estate Property in the United States

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Download the US Property Buying Instructions Information Package.


How to Buy Real Estate Property in the United States

Information and Answer to FAQs about How Foreigners Can Purchase Real Estate Property like a House, Condo or Apartment in the U.S.

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The Real Estate Market in the U.S.

The United States real estate market is very diverse and offers many opportunities for foreigners including investors or people who want to purchase a house, apartment, townhouse, condo, or other type of residential or commercial real estate property.  You can purchase a property as an investment to produce income, or just as a vacation home for you and your family personal use when traveling to the United States.  The U.S. is a very big country and you have a large variety of different locations with several types of properties available to buy, like beachfront or ocean view properties, mountain homes, farms, high riser apartments, homes in the suburbs or city centers, residential or commercial space like an office or a warehouse. The options for real estate purchase in the United States are unlimited and there is a house or apartment for every budget and taste. Real Estate prices may vary substantially depending on the location. Usually the less crowded and southern cities or areas like Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina, offer lower and more affordable real estate prices and the most busy cities in the North like New York, Boston, Chicago or San Francisco are more expensive.  One of the great advantages when buying a home in the United States is that the country has a very good, easy and efficient information system to buy and sell houses or other real estate properties. A real estate buyer can receive help from real estate agents, real estate attorneys, financial institutions, title insurance companies, property managers, and others to help you purchase and maintain your property in the U.S. very easily without too much work. A person does not need to live in the U.S. or be American to buy or own Real Estate property in the United States. Many foreign investors buy a real estate property in the U.S. without traveling or being physically present in the U.S., just like you can buy company' stocks and become part owner of any U.S. publicly traded company from any stock exchange office. Many foreign investors buy properties in the U.S. with the help of a local real estate agent.

Can Foreigners Buy Real Estate Properties in the United States?

This guide can be very helpful for any person interested in buying real estate; However it has been especially designed for foreigners, to help them understand the process of buying real estate. Not only providing information about how to select or purchase a real estate property, but also providing information about related and relevant issues like immigration, taxes, regulations, home owners associations, maintenance, real estate agents, and other topics and questions that a foreigner may have when purchasing real estate in the United States.

Yes, Foreigners are Allowed to Buy and Own Real Estate Property. The first question that usually arise when a foreigner is considering to buy real estate in the U.S. is if there are any regulations or limitations about what foreigners can buy in the U.S.? Learn about Immigration issues for foreigners who own or want to buy a home in the U.S. Learn about tax issues. Order this guide to learn more details about real estate ownership for foreigners, find the complete answer to these questions and other related questions about purchasing real estate in the United States. There are laws in many countries that don't allow foreigners to buy properties, foreigners are not allowed to buy real estate property in many countries, but the U.S. market is open and foreigners can buy and invest in real estate in the United States.

This page can be found at: https://www.immigrationunitedstates.org/buy-us-real-estate-property.html

Answer to Questions and information about Real Estates Issues Included in this Real Estate Quide:

  • Are foreign nationals allowed to buy and own a home in the United States?
  • What are the main requirements for foreigners to buy real estate in the U.S.?
  • Do I need a special visa to own or buy real property?
  • Do I need to use a real estate agent? Where can I find a real estate agent?
  • What is the usual commission that real estate agents charge to provide services?
  • Bank and private financing for foreigners
  • Can a foreigner get a bank loan/mortgage to buy a house or other property?
  • What are the closing costs when buying real estate? Do I need to hire a lawyer?
  • Can I buy real estate under a corporation instead of my personal name?
  • How can I find properties for sale? What is the MLS?
  • Maintenance and home owners association fees
  • Real Estate property taxes. What type of taxes do I have to pay?
  • Income tax on rentals and capital gains, transfer tax.
  • Can I sell my property later?
  • Helpful immigration links
  • Helpful real estate related links

Order and download this guide to find out the answer to several questions about the process to purchase real estate property in the United States.

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