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Green Card Application Packages

Green CardA legal permanent resident (LPR) card, is also known as green card, immigrant visa, Alien Registration Card, or USCIS Form I-551. The green card is proof of the legal immigration status of legal permanent residents in the United States. The permanent resident card is a very important document, and also an important form of identification, as it confirms immigration status as a legal permanent resident to immigration and law enforcement authorities in the United States. Lawful permanent residents have several rights and benefits, including the right to work, study and live permanently in the U.S. Green card holders may be eligible to apply to become naturalized U.S. citizens after living in the United States for a few years.

There are several procedures to be eligible to apply for a green card. The visa to become a U.S. resident and a green card holder is called an "immigrant visa" as it gives you the right to immigrate to the United States and become a permanent resident. The application for a green card or Lawful Permanent Residence, in general involves a multiple-step process starting with an immigration petition, waiting for an immigrant visa number, and then the visa application, or adjustment of status from a non-imnigrant visa to an immigrant visa. In order to apply for a green card or immigrant visa there are several requirements, procedures, support documents and immigration application forms to file and submit. The green card application instructions packages available in this page are designed to provide application instructions, information and answer to common immigration questions about how to apply for a green card. Each package gives you detailed step by step application instructions and explanation of the application process, green card application forms, eligibility and requirements. Order online and immediately download the green card instruction packages as a digital file. Green card application packages include application instructions, access to green card application forms, forms instructions, additional resources, USCIS and U.S. embassies contact information, information to access immigration forms and answers to frequently asked questions about how to apply for a green card under the different immigration categories. Order to learn how to apply for a green card, and how to renew, update or replace a green card. Additional green card resources to learn how to change your registered address with the USCIS, and how to apply for a reentry permit (travel document) for green card holders traveling abroad long term.

Green Card Instruction and Information Packages are also available in Spanish.