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This website is a private independent organization, not affiliated with the United States Government. We are a publisher of practical information including immigration, business, and travel related information. Our products include: eBooks, FAQs, forms, and other publishing products.

About us
We are a private organization dedicated to publishing owned by US Intergroup Inc., we are not a US government agency. We have included disclaimers on every page of this website stating that we are no affiliated with the government. Please review our legal disclaimers and feel free to contact us if you have questions

Our Information is not legal advice
This site offers information on several subjects related to travel, immigration and business in the United States. The information we offer on these various legal topics is not to be viewed as legal advice. Our products are not based on a specific case and no attorney-client relationship is created by the usage of this website, its contents, any immigration materials purchased or downloaded, or any information provided by us or our affiliated websites. By using this site or purchasing our eBooks, FAQs, or other products, you agree that its proprietors, producers, and administrators have no responsibility or liability, directly or indirectly, for any problems that may arise from the use or misuse of our products and content. The responses and information contained herein are intended to be general and should not be relied on for a specific situation. For specific legal advice, contact an attorney. Our service to Ask a Lawyer will put you in contact with a third party lawyer, and by using our site you agree that we are not responsible or liable for the information exchanged between you and the lawyer.

If you find any errors in our website or products, or have any questions regarding the information provided please contact us with any questions to the following departments:

1. Customer Service
Please contact our customer service department for all general inquires.

2. Business Development
If you are interested in doing business with us Please contact us.

3. Legal Department
For legal inquires Please contact our legal department.