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K-1 Fiancée Visa Application Instructions

  • K-1 Fiancée Visa Application Guide
Download information package with instructions to access and file Visa application forms.


K-1 Fiancée Fiancé Visa

K-1 Fiancé(e) Visa Application Information for Engaged Couples to get Married in the United States

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The K-1 Fiancée or Fiancé Visa allows a boyfriend or girlfriend of an American citizen to travel to the United States to spend a short time together in the U.S. and decide if they wan to get married. A U.S. citizen who wishes to marry a foreign national may sponsor their future spouse to come and live in the U.S.; If the foreign national and the American citizen are not yet married and have intention to get married and live together in the U.S., then the American boyfriend or girlfriend can file a petition for his foreign fiancé/fiancée to obtain a temporary K1 fiancé/fiancée visa. After entering the U.S. the K1 visa holder can get married with the American citizen and then apply for a work permit and for a Green Card to stay and live permanently in the U.S. however if the K-1 visa holder doesn't get married then he must leave the U.S. and return to his country after a specific period of time.

The process to obtain this visa is divided in 2 parts: The Petition and The Visa application. The petition along with the appropriate fees can be filed using Form I-129F with the USCIS Service Center serving the area of residence of the U.S. citizen in the United States and then once the petition is approved the foreign national Fiancée should visit the neareast U.S. consulate to his place of residency to apply for the Fiancée visa.

The following are common questions about the K-1 Fiancée Fiancé Visa:

  • What is the K-1 Fiancée or Fiancé Visa?
  • We are a couple planning to get married in the U.S. but only one of us is American, can we get a visa for the non American fiancé?
  • For how long can I stay in the US with a fiancé visa?
  • Can I work with a fiancé visa?
  • Can my children also obtain a Fiancée or Fiancé Visa to travel with me to America?
  • If we decided not to get married can I still keep my fiancé visa and stay in the U.S.
  • Do I need to make an appointment with the US embassy or consulate?
  • How to find, fill and file official visa application forms?
  • Eligibility requirements and instructions

Find out more information about how to apply for this visa and the answer to visa questions including how to access K-1 visa application forms, application filing fees, passport requirements, general information, U.S. consulates or embassies contact information and application information with instructions.

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