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The United States is a land of business and investment opportunities. The country has one of the best financial and business systems in the world. The system works so well that is very easy to find a job, to create your own business or work as an independent contractor, buy real estate, or invest. If you are responsible, a good worker or good business person and honest, you can have many good ways to produce a good income by working, or by creating your own business in the United States. There are many business opportunities in the real estate market or providing services. One of the advantages of creating a business to provide services is that you can have a flexible schedule and the advantage to provide business to companies or individuals making it possible to grow and expand without having to work as an employee for one company. Order any of the following guides to learn how to start a business in the U.S., or how to buy real estate, after ordering you will receive a download guide that you can view or save in your computer and learn more about work and business in the United States.