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Processing Time Information for Immigration Application

  • Immigration Application Processing Time Information Guide
Download information package with instructions about processing time information for immigration application.


Immigration Application Processing Time

U.S. Immigration Application Processing Time Information Guide and Instructions

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How to Find out your Immigration Application Processing Time?
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Frequently Asked Questions About Application Processing Time:

This information will help you to find out the approximate processing time for your pending immigration case or application. The Immigration Service from the U.S. government has different processing times depending on the type of case or application you have submitted and it is important to check the case status for your application.  Sometimes the processing time can change depending on your location, if you are in the U.S. or abroad.  The processing times provided in this information guide are not exact times and are subject to change, but this information will help you to get an idea of the time your case can take to be processed and approved. In some cases the USCIS or the U.S. government department processing your application will request for you to provide additional support documents to complete the processing of your application. If you submitted an incomplete immigration application or if you didn't submit the right fees, this might case a delay in the processing time for your application.  Some applications may be denied and others approved, however in most cases you will have the right to appeal the denial of your application by providing additional information or documentation to support the approval of your case. If you are a U.S. resident (non citizen) It is extremely important and required to notify the USCIS of any change in your address, to comply with U.S. Laws and also to avoid missing any communication about your case.  Order this information guide with the answers to the following FAQ questions and to learn more about immigration processing times.

FAQs About Immigration Processing Time Included in this Guide:

  • How to find out the approximate processing time for my type of case with the USCIS?
  • Processing time for Green Card application submitted in the U.S.?
  • Processing time for Green Card application submitted at abroad at a local U.S. embassy or U.S. consulate?
  • Processing time for non-immigrant visas
  • Processing time for an F-1 Student visa
  • Processing time for the H1B work visa
  • Processing time for the L1 Intracompany Transferee Work visa
  • Processing time for a B-2 Tourist visa or B-1 Business visa?
  • Processing time for a K-1 Fiancée visa
  • Processing time to be admitted in the United States for Asylum Refugee?
  • Processing time for a Citizenship application
  • Processing time for a Green Card for family relatives
  • Processing time for a Green Card through marriage
  • Processing time for a Green Card through employment
  • Processing time for a Green Card as an Entrepreneur Investor?
  • Processing time in general for immigration applications?
  • Case status for pending USCIS application
  • Case status for passport application with the Department of State
  • How to obtain updates about your immigration case

Order and download this guide now to learn the approximate processing times for most immigration applications.

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