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Visa Information Guide: Expired Passport with a Valid Visa

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Download information package with instructions to access and file Visa application forms.


Expired Passport with a Valid U.S. Visa

Information Package with Answer to Frequently Asked Questions about How to Travel with a Valid United States Visa on an Expired Passport.

Format: Instant Download

Can I travel to the United States with a valid U.S. Visa on an Expired Passport.?

Order this information package to find out the answer to several questions about United States B1/B2 visas, including information about how to apply and how to travel with a visa, for how long can you stay in the United States, valid visas on expired passports, and other important information included in this guide.

Information about U.S. Visas: A visa gives you the right to travel to the U.S., there are several types of visas depending on the purpose or type of travel. In general visas are divided in two main groups: immigrant visas and non-immigrant visas. A non-immigrant visa doesn’t give you the right to stay permanently in the U.S., these visas are issued for the purpose of one or multiple temporary trips to travel as a visitor to the United States with the intention to leave the U.S. upon expiration of the time allowed to stay in the United States. The application for most non-immigrant visas must be file and submitted at the local consulate or embassy in country of residence of the applicant. It is important to know and understand well all the visa application and immigration requirements including how to make an appointment, how to submit the application for the visa, and to use the current forms to apply for the right visa.

Time Allowed to Stay in the U.S. with a Visa

Important Don't Overstay your Visa: It is very important for all visa holders to stay in the U.S. only for the time allowed by the immigration officer at the point of entry. It is important to understand the difference between the expiration time of the actual visa and the time allowed to stay inside the U.S. when traveling with the visa. The date in the form I-94 tells you for how long can you stay in the U.S. on each trip. Overstaying in the U.S. can have serious consequences in the future, if you stay longer than your authorized time of stay in the U.S. you may be bar and not be allowed to enter the U.S. again for certain time or permanently depending on how long you overstay your visa and on other factors. In some cases you may request an extension of stay with a tourist or business visitor visa. Order this information package to learn more about length of stay and visitor visas.

Expired Passport with a Valid U.S. Visa

A common question that several travelers have is if a valid visa can be transferred from one passport to another passport? there are many cases where a passport will expire in a short time or already expired, but the visitor visa on such passport will be valid for a longer time than the passport. In this situation travelers wonder if they can transfer such visa from the old transfer to a new passport just by going to their local US consulate or embassy and ask them to transfer the visa? of if they have to start a new application for a new visa to be stamped in their new passport taking the risk of having the visa denied.  Visitors to the U.S. wonder if they can just travel with their expired passport with a valid visa, along with a new valid passport without a visa? order this guide to learn the answer to these common immigration questions.

The following are some of the most common questions about having a valid United States visa on an expired passport:

  • My visa is still valid but my passport is expired, can I still enter the U.S. with a visa on my expired passport?
  • Can I transfer the visa from my old passport to a new passport?
  • If I apply for a new visa do I have to start the process all over again? or the process is faster for people with a valid visa in an old passport?
  • Is it possible to have a new visa application denied even if my old visa in my expired passport is still valid?
  • Can I travel with my expired passport with a valid U.S. visa and with a new passport without a U.S. visa?
  • How to find, fill and file official visa application forms?
  • Visa appointment information
  • Eligibility requirements and instructions
  • If a visa is going to expired soon that means that I can only stay inside the US during the validity period of my visa? or can I stay longer?
  • For how long I am allowed to stay in the U.S.?
  • I already have a new valid passport without a visa, and my U.S. visa is in my old passport, would the immigration officer at the port of entry deny my entry to the United States because my passport is expired or about to expire?
  • Do I have less chances of being admitted for entry into the U.S. because my passport is expired but I am also traveling with a new passport?

Order the B1/B2 Information Package to find out more information about visitor visas and the answer to frequent immigration questions including how to access official visa application forms, application filing fees, passport requirements, general information, U.S. consulates contact information, and general application information.

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