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Instructions to Check Pending Immigration Case Status

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Download instructions for checking pending immigration case status


Immigration Case Status

Check Case Status Update for Pending U.S. Immigration Application with the USCIS

Check Pending Passport with the U.S. Department of State

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How to check the case status for pending immigration application?

How to check the status of a pending passport application or passport renewal?

Order and download this information package to receive a step by step guide and instructions to check an immigration case status with the USCIS online or about a passport application with the Department of State.

Pending Immigration Application

This information will help you to find the status for your pending immigration case. The USCIS provides information about the status of your case online, by mail or by phone. In some cases this information will help you to provide any necessary additional documents required. It is important to receive case updates and to stay informed about a case status, in order to find out the necessary steps to complete your application successfully. If you are a U.S. resident (non citizen) it is important and required to notify and inform the USCIS of a change in your address to comply with U.S. Laws, and to stay informed about any pending case. The processing times for each immigration application may vary depending on the location of the applicant and depending on the type of application submitted among other factors that may affect the processing time for a pending immigration application. The USCIS case status online tool is available in English and Spanish.

Pending Application Receipt Number

USCIS pending immigration applications or cases have a 13 character application receipt number. This receipt number is usually found on any notices sent by the USCIS to applicants with pending immigration cases. The 13 character immigration receipt number is very important in order to be able to check the status of your case. This receipt number usually starts with three letters like SRC, EAC, WAC or LIN. This guide explains step by step how to check your case status online, by phone or by mail, or how to receive case updates by e-mail or text message. In order to find a receipt number for a pending immigration case the applicant may call the USCIS National Customer Service to inquire about the receipt number.

Registration with the USCIS to Receive Automatic Case Status Updates

As part of the information provided in this package you will find instructions to register directly with the USCIS to receive automatic case status updates by email or text messages, to stay informed of any changes or updates in your pending application.

e-Request to Inquire about Pending Applications Delayed Beyond the Regular Processing Time:

If your pending application has been delayed beyond the regular application time, you can create a special electronic e-request directly with the USCIS to inquire about forms N-400 or I-90 applications that are taking longer than usual. This is one more of the electronic services available to check your case status online. Order this case status information guide to learn how to check the status of your case and learn how to create an e-request with the USCIS.

How to make an InfoPass appointment?

The USCIS offers a special online service called InfoPass to schedule appointments in order to inquire about pending applications or for additional immigration help.

Information and Answer to Frequently Asked Questions about Case Status

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 Order this information package to check the status for your pending U.S. Immigration Application.

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