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Green Card Information

  • How to Apply for a Green Card
  • Routes to Apply for a Green Card
  • Green Card Application Information
Download information package with instructions to access and file Green Card application forms.


Green Card Information Manual

US Green Card or Permanent Residence Information Guide

Format: Instand Download

The Application of a Green Card or Lawful Permanent Residence requires of a lot of information and requirements from the green card applicant or green card sponsor. There are saveral ways to obtain a Green Card but also several requirements, procedures, and forms to file.

The Green Card is also known as an immigrant visa that allows you to live permanently in the United States with many rights, including the legal right to work and study in the US.

Green Card Overview

Some of the questions that will be answered when ordering this download are:

  • What is a Green Card or a Lawful Permanent Resident Card of the United States?
  • How to apply for a Green Card?
  • How to obtain a Green Card?
  • Different types of Green Cards?
  • Differece between a Conditional Green Card and a Permanent Green Card?
  • Forms to file?
  • Helpful links
  • How to access official forms and form instructions
  • General Information about how to apply for a Green Card
  • Information about the Green Card through marriage, relatives, investment and work.

To learn more about a Green Card, order this guide that can be downloaded instantly.

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